Elenita Aroyan
Administrative Manager

Graduated with honors from University of National and World Economy (UNWE) M.Econ. Specialisation: IP in business and industry.
In 2019, she specialized -Professional training in Digital Marketing Program – Marketing associate

Professional profile

Worked on building strong relationships with existing clients and focused on acquiring new contacts through networking.
Utilised web-based tools to manage a database of clients, developers and contractors.
Created content for the company’s website and managed the social media pages. Actively promoted property listings through targeted marketing initiatives.
Updated the knowledge database of sales-related legal documentation on property management. Created the company newsletter.


Over 4 years of experience in the real estate market and publishing business. Key responsibilities:
managed a team of results-driven assistants;
optimised sales through marketing and social media initiatives;
applied business analysis on sales, stock levels and retail trends;

Previous experience

Runner-up in “The real estate market in Bulgaria – status, problems and prospects” economic development competition, organised jointly by the SC at UNWE, Department of Real Estate, the National Real Estate Association, and the International Federation of Real Estate – Bulgaria (FIABCI)

tel.: + 359 88 911 19 39


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Director, Legal
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