Buying property is a power move. Grebul ensures you’ll really make it count.

 When you buy with Grebul, you ensure that:

 • You will get the most relevant offers based on your needs.
• You will have the legal procedures handled by professionals.
• You will be advised on the best way to manage your property.
• Or you can have your property managed by experts.
• Seamless communication with our multilingual team.
• Quick and secured purchase

Grebul Real Estate Agency is a company with extensive experience in the field of real estate. Owing to the experience and knowledge gained over the years, we are ready to share the most ideal properties available on the market.

Our sales agents will communicate with customers regarding their needs and competently answer all questions no matter what they are. Every single agent on our team is ready to pass with the customer through every step of the process. Grebul will always be there in conversations with lawyers and negotiators, reviewing everything necessary to make sure all transactions go smoothly and successfully.

To immerse yourself in the precision of our work which the Grebul Real Estate Agency team brings to the real estate market, below you can find a list of our achievements.

Exclusive sales rights for the finest plots and villas on Hydra Island, Greece

The go-to property rent agency in Sofia for international students

Over 10 years of experience in Sofia’s Real Estate Market

Expert property valuation according to current market situation and trends

Strong collaboration practices with other industry professionals

A memorandum with UNWE aimed at providing better career opportunities for bachelor and PhD students

Collaborative research practices in the field of real-estate property sales and contributions for the release of UNWE’s specialized journal ‘Business & Real-Estate’

Partnership with the innovative platform Guideforforeigners.com. The only local venture that offers an all-inclusive list of services to digital nomads and companies working with foreigners