Vanya Radeva

She has successfully completed a bachelor's degree in Marketing at "Paisii Hilendarski" PU.

Professional profile

Very good communication skills and quick adaptation in dealing with customers, commercial acumen and skills, good teamwork, energetic and proactive, positive thinking and loyalty. Success in selling, renting and letting properties. She has the ability to build effective relationships with landlords and tenants.

He has an excellent command of the Russian language and gets along well with Russian-speaking customers


She has been in the field of real estate for 3 years, since 1 year she has been a rent and sales broker in the real estate agency Grebul Real Estate. Responsibilities include

Advising the agency's clients in relation to renting, selling or other real estate transactions. Makes contacts with clients, in connection with their desired real estate transactions.

Conducts market research to find the most suitable offers.

Makes a study of the documentary insurance of the properties for a transaction.

Performs site inspections, saving customers' time as much as possible.

Makes suggestions for advertising the most suitable offers.

Previous experience

Since 2002 she started her own business in the field of trade and tourism.

tel.: +359 88 911 19 39


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