Adding value to a property is key for good and timely returns. But this alone is not enough unless you are presenting it to the right people.

Which is why our dedicated team specializes in crafting marketing strategies that not only add value to your property but also reach the right audience.

Over the years we have perfected a process which involves expertise in more than one area and impeccable in-ternal coordination.

There are three main pillars in our approach:
1. Possessing intimate knowledge of the local market and end-client tendencies.
2. Ensuring high-level photography, video and post-production practices.
3. Constantly adapting to the ever-changing field of digital marketing and finding the best outlets.


Our in-house marketing team is com-posed of experts who understand that no two pieces of property are the same. We are always willing to think outside the box and ensure that you find your preferred customers, quicker.

For our digital presence, we employ a cross-channel approach thus adapting to the content consumption habits of end-clients. We are no strangers to selling properties through the consumption of our content alone.

Our slowly-but-surely growing online community spans across Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.
When you market with Grebul, you can rest assured that your property is on the fastest track to finding its buyers.



Our in-house photographer will produce professional photos of your property – whatever this type of property might be. Due to our proven expertise, attention to detail and state of the art equipment, we can execute any type of visual content including daylight photographs and nightlife photographs.


It is absolutely essential having a good well-rounded video presentation of your property. With our filming expertise, we will present your property in an enticing way that will attract local and global attention.


One of the most popular and efficient ways of presenting property is with a tour. This gives your potential buyers the chance to immerse themselves into your property. Our sales experts will give a tour that will promote a property in a creative yet informative way.


We take your property visualization to the next level. Having the latest equipment at our disposal, we can create interactive virtual property tours to be seen on websites.


Our website is well-positioned on Google searches related to real estate in Bulgaria and vacation property in Greece and we attract visitors from all over the world. We sustain our search engine presence through constant marketing efforts so you can rest assured that your property will receive quality exposure when listed with us.