When it comes to relationships with customers, we are thinking and acting long-term. This approach has always been at the core of Grebul. This and nothing else.

Savvas Kesanoglou

Grebul Real Estate agency is a well-established company on the Bulgarian real estate market. Our team of professionals have been consulting clients and partners for more than 10 years now. The services we offer cover all industry facets such as selling real estate, rental, market analysis, real estate appraisal and anything else that our clients might need. At the heart of the company are values such as loyalty, integrity, and high level of professionalism. We take no one client for granted and we know that the key to sustainable growth is by establishing and nurturing long-term relationships with our clients and partners. Grebul’s organizational structure is quite flexible and this affords us to work with both individual as well as local and international corporate clients.

Albena Dimitrova
Director, Legal


Our team is composed of seasoned professionals dedicated to delivering extraordinary results. 


Grebul Real Estate Agency is a company with extensive experience in the field of real estate. Owing to the experience and knowledge gained over the years, we are ready to share the most ideal properties available on the market.


Adding value to a property is key for good and timely returns. But this alone is not enough unless you are presenting it to the right people. Which is why our dedicated team specializes in crafting marketing strategies that not only add value to your property but also reach the right audience. Over the years we have perfected a process which involves expertise in more than one area and impeccable in-ternal coordination.


Grebul was founded in 2012 by Savvas Kesanoglou, bringing with him a know-how of 5 years experience in the industry. He quickly realized that the only way to move forward was to set the most high standards for his agency on an operational level and to establish a company culture that values constant improvement. It is this compromise-free attitude that propelled Grebul to becoming one of the most trusted and reliable agencies on the market.